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Patricia A. Dunning, Ph.D., E-RYT 500
Integrative Yoga Therapy Certified
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
(301) 503-0618

About Pat Dunning.

Patricia A. Dunning, Ph.D., RYT

Certification Information and Biographical Background

Patricia A. Dunning, a classical Iyengar Yoga teacher, has been teaching and practicing yoga (part-time) for more than 25 years, and Pilates for more than three years. Currently, Dr. Dunning is pursuing her Yoga Therapist certification from YAMA Studio in Baltimore. This will enable her to work in hospitals and other health facilities. Patricia has received many certifications in Yoga, Pilates and CPR: 1) Integrative Yoga Therapy Certified, June, 2006; 2) Yoga Fitness, Level II, February 2006, Member #54216 and Pilates Fitness, Level I, Member #54840, both from the American Fitness Professional Association (AFPA); Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Registry ID:26661; member of the Association of International Yoga Therapists; and Adult CPR and AED certified by the American Heart Association, August 6, 2005.

Patricia studied yoga under the tutelage of Professor Risvodkar, an Indian guru and disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar, while also pursuing her Ph.D. in intercultural communication at the University of Pittsburgh. Her doctoral studies included Eastern philosophy, e.g., Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and other yoga philosophies.

In studying yoga philosophies, Patricia relates to such yoga concepts as “wei wu wei”(literally “doing, not-doing”) to her philosophy of the creative process as it works through her when she is painting. She describes this in her art website as “the painting paints itself” – she is just the medium by which this is accomplished. “Less and less do you need to force things, until finally you arrive at non-action. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.” Such is the philosophy behind the Direct path (or non-path) of Advaita yoga.

Dr. Dunning also has a B. S. in Psychology and trained under psychologists and psychotherapists who taught Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation and Schultz’ Autogenic Training, which she also teaches as part of the yoga class. She became widely known as a yoga instructor in Pittsburgh, where she introduced yoga as a course in the physical education course at the University of Pittsburgh, she was written up in The Pittsburgh Press, and provided instruction at other universities, fitness centers, & health clubs.

In addition to many years of teaching yoga in the Pittsburgh area, Dr. Dunning has also established her reputation as a Yoga teacher in the greater Washington area. During her career as an academic administrator and intercultural communications professor at various major universities in the area (George Washington University, University of Maryland, Goucher College, Southeastern University), and at the USIA, she taught yoga to the faculty, students, and government personnel.

Dr. Dunning has taught/teaching/will teach various Yoga (and Pilates) classes, including:

  • Yoga for Adults (all levels);
  • Yogalates (Yoga & Pilates Combination);
  • Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga;
  • Yoga for Seniors (Gentle Yoga);
  • Power Yoga;
  • Yoga for Mothers & Babies & Toddlers;
  • Yoga for Kids;
  • Yoga for Teens;
  • Pilates (All levels);
  • The Complete Workout and Wellness Program (CWWP);
  • Deep Relaxation and Yoga Nidra;
  • Personal Trainer in Yoga & Pilates;
  • Yoga to Quit Smoking;
  • Yoga for Depression;
  • Yoga for Stress Reduction and Deep Relaxation;
  • Superstar Yoga Program for Kids;
  • Individual Holistic Wellness Yoga Program;
  • Yoga Meditation for Beginners.

Dr. Dunning has taught/is teaching Yoga and/or Pilates) at the following Greater Washington locations:*

  • Temple Hills Community Center, Temple Hills, MD
  • Harmony Yoga, Ft. Washington, MD
  • YMCA, Potomac Overlook, Ft. Washington, MD
  • YMCA, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
  • No Excuse Workout Gym, (Formerly known as Olympus Gym) Temple Hills, MD
  • Capital Hill Yoga, Washington, DC
  • Optimum Fitness, Clinton, MD
  • Wellness First, Waldorf, MD
  • Capital Club House, Waldorf, MD
  • Fitness & Sports Club, Clinton, MD
  • Charles County Community Center, Waldorf, MD
  • Sport & Health Club, White Oak, MD
  • St. Mark’s Yoga Center, Washington, DC
  • Prince Georges Community Center, Temple Hills, MD (proposed)
  • Matthew Henson Community Center, Indian Head, MD
  • South Laurel Recreation Council, Inc., Laurel, MD
  • Toni’s Happy Hour Yoga Studio, Clinton, MD
  • RPM Salon, Washington, DC
  • Healthy Babies Project, Inc., Washington, DC
  • Lee District Park Recreation Center, Franconia, VA
  • Sea Palace, St. Maarten, Dutch Antilles
  • Banyan Resort, Key West, FL

*Names, addresses and telephone numbers of above references and copies of certifications available upon request.