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Integrative Yoga Therapy Certified
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
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Yoga Classes and Programs.

"Pat's meditation sessions have helped me to obtain a connection with my physical self that I have never experienced before." --Stacy Taylor, Washington, DC

Yoga Meditation for Beginners*

Go to the Meditation page to read a step-by-step guide to help you meditate.

Intention (Sankalpa):

To bring physical, mental and emotional healing for inner peace in your life through guidance and practice of various meditation tools, simple yoga posture, deep breathing techniques, and relaxation exercises in a comfortable, relaxing climate.

Content of the Workshop:

The majority of the workshop time will be spent on the preparation for meditation. You cannot simply say, “now I’m going to meditate”, without meditation training, any more than you would expect to play the piano like an accomplished pianist as soon as you sat at the piano bench. Meditation is a way of life that rests on certain procedures. In order to prepare for the body for meditation, simple yoga postures, deep breathing and deep relaxation techniques will be employed at each session. The following content of the workshop will be covered during the meditation workshop:


  • An opportunity to explore, learn and appreciate the yoga approach to meditation;
  • Practice of a variety of yoga postures and breathing techniques in preparation for meditation;
  • Practice of several relaxation tools in preparation for meditation; and
  • Guidance in selecting the meditation tools that best suit you through practice of different ways to meditate within the yoga tradition.

Centering the Body

To center the body, sit (or lie down) quietly in a comfortable position. Begin normal breathing with a holistic awareness of the body, i.e., concentration on the physical, breath, mental, emotional, witness, and spiritual levels (5 koshas) of the body. The yoga instructor will begin the class by ringing the cymbals, and welcoming everyone in the traditional Indian Namaste greeting. The door will be locked after the start of the class. If you arrive late, please wait until you are escorted in after the “Centering” session, to avoid disturbing this process, so please come on time.


  • Asanas will vary each session
  • Asanas are performed by relaxation of effort, without criticism, and gentle adjustments by the yoga instructor.

Physical Setting

Members of this workshop will be in a relaxed, comfortable, private, and quiet room, especially adapted for meditation, yoga, & special breathing & relaxation exercises.


  • Pranayama (Breath/prana Control)
  • Pranayama will vary each session
  • Practice of various breathing techniques will used in preparation for meditation.

Progressive Relaxation and Autogenic Training

Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation and Schultz’s Autogenic Training for deep relaxation in preparation for meditation.

Affirmations And Visualization Techniques

  • Affirmations: Use of affirmations goes along with the meditation. The purpose of affirmations are to emphasize our relationship with the divine or our own inner healing powers. Attuning our will with the divine will and to our higher purpose in life that we following with our behavior. Lead to action not substitute for it.
  • Visualization: Visualization goes along with the meditation. Visualize our healed and improved condition. Direct healing energy to our own mind/body and/or to those that are ill. Using colors, deities, mantras, and beautiful scenes in nature to clears the mental field.

Meditation Techniques

The meditation techniques will vary each time so that you may experience a variety of techniques, and determine which one(s) you feel most comfortable with and want to use choose at home.

Accessories To Bring:

Please bring a sitting pillow or blanket to sit on for meditation, an eye cover and a blanket or shawl to cover whole body for relaxation. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. If feasible, the clothing should be made of soft, natural fibers in muted colors that will facilitate yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Avoid wearing “noisy” accessories and athletic clothing (which holds body heat in and is a reminder of outward activity. The Namaste Yoga Studio will provide props such as yoga mats, blankets, etc. if you do not have them.

*Consult your doctor before starting Yoga, especially if you suffer from heart conditions, hypertension, or other serious illnesses. If you have back pain or other serious injuries, get a diagnosis from your doctor and get their okay before embarking on your Yoga journey.