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Integrative Yoga Therapy Certified
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Yoga Classes and Programs.

"Pat's Wellness Program has made a big difference in my life and health. I now understand the connection between body, mind and spirit and how they interact to affect health and well being. Pat was very patient and understanding, often acting as a shepherd gently moving me along the path. Her knowledge was conveyed to me in a caring and sensitive way, and she gave me the tools to continue on the path to wellness." --Diane, Fort Washington, MD

Individual Holistic Yoga Wellness Program*

Eight Week Sessions

The Individual Holistic Yoga Wellness Program looks at the whole person: the physical, psycho-motional, and spiritual aspects - all key factors in health and illness. This is Ayurveda, an ancient healing science of India, which is both as preventive medicine and for healing disease. "Ayurveda" literally means the science of life. It is used in the medical profession in India, and has become increasingly more popular in the U.S.

Benefits Of The Individual Holistic Yoga Wellness Program:

  • Brings physical, emotional and spiritual balance, harmony and health.
  • Brings a sense of connectedness, love, happiness and relaxation.
  • Works with health challenges so they do not become full-blown diseases.
  • Brings a sense of spiritual oneness and knowing of ourselves as spiritual beings.
  • Determines your basic constitution to establish a state of balance and health.
  • Provides individualized asanas, pranayamas, vayus, mudras, charkas, meditation, relaxation, etc. to help balance any imbalances of the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Increases your awareness, and understanding of the body, mind and spirit primarily for learning and growth (not about changing outside world).

Five Facets (Koshas) of Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Health

As multifaceted beings we need to care for each facet of our lives to create balance in our lives. In the Individual Holistic Yoga Wellness Program we will look at five facets/levels (koshas) of our lives: 1) the physical body level, 2) the energetic breath level, 3) the psycho-emotional, level, 4) the witness mind level, and 5) the spiritual level.

  • Physical Body Level:
    • Examine your diet, environment, daily and seasonal routines,
    • Look at areas of pain or discomfort as a doorway to exploring hidden feelings and emotions within us.
  • Energetic/Breath Level:
    • Determine the energy level in our bodies,
    • Examine the breathing patterns, which determine energy levels.
  • Psycho-emotional Level:
    • Develop awareness of our thoughts and feelings that tells us about our state of well-being;
    • Learn how to keep emotions from controlling you.
  • Witness Mind Level:
    • Learn how to “witness” your thoughts and feelings in order to change them.
    • Develop a nonjudgmental attitude toward mind and emotions
  • Spiritual Level:
    • Re-discover our natural state of being through the path of yoga – of the Divine;
    • Develop awareness of the One Source Energy from which the physical, psycho-emotional, energetic levels of our bodies spring.
    • Experience spiritual evolution toward knowledge and freedom.
    • Experience the ultimate Unity as a separate entity

"Pat introduced me to Ayurveda, the ancient healing science of India, through the Individual Wellness Program that focused on the body, mind and spirit connection. I learned much about myself during this program that has helped me understand and reduce the level of stress in my life." --Ellen, Accokeek, MD

The five koshas serve 3 main functions:

  1. To remind ourselves that we are multifaceted beings and that each facet of our lives requires consciousness, care and evolution;
  2. To provide a complete framework for understanding, mind/body/emotional health; and
  3. To remind us where the final destination of the journey lies. The koshas are a pointer toward opening the doorway to the spirit. In sum a map/tool to balance the physical systems of the body, harmonize the mind and emotions, and as such to support the spiritual journey to our true Self. By becoming aware of all of the different factors that influence us, both internally and eternally, we can maintain a good balance within our ayurvedic constitution. The five koshas are a good model for such awareness, since they cover the entire spectrum of the human being

Initial Intake Session: $60; Follow-up Sessions: $40.

*Consult your doctor before starting Yoga, especially if you suffer from heart conditions, hypertension, or other serious illnesses. If you have back pain or other serious injuries, get a diagnosis from your doctor and get their okay before embarking on your Individual Holistic Yoga Wellness Program.