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Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga*

Women’s bodies are ideally designed and adapted to carry, give birth to and nourish their young like any other mammal. The power of women to give birth and nurture their young is honored and deeply respected as central to life. Yoga will help you to be aware of your power to give birth and to fulfill your biological potential as mothers. This class will provide 1) physical postures (asanas); 2) deep relaxation techniques; 3) breathing exercises (pranayama); and 4) meditation techniques that will help you during your pregnancy, labor, the birthing process and motherhood.

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy, Labor, Birthing and Motherhood

Yoga is a wonderful helper for new mothers who by working on the physical body, the mind and the emotions simultaneously, can enhance their health and well being as well as that of their baby. Yoga practice provides normalized pregnancy weight, youthful limberness and increased emotional control. The deep relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques result in a very relaxed body, relief from tension, a peaceful mind, yet very alert, inner strength, harmony, peacefulness, and a sense of well being.


  • Physically fit through practice of asanas (postures) – key is make space for baby
  • Mentally and emotional stable through practice pranayama (breathing)
  • Ability to meditate to calm the mind and emotions
  • Be in touch with physical/emotional changes/common complaints
  • Learn how to relax and release tension
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Cope with labor
  • Learn about risks and cautions (no intense yoga practice)

Tentative Themes

  • Motherhood – what that means to you
  • Letting go – trust in the body and nature to deliver the baby
  • Self-care/nurturing – honoring your changing bodies, relaxing, resting
  • Loving Your Bodies – just as they are, the wonder of growing new life
  • Opening – to create space – physical, mental and emotional
  • Mindfulness/Present Moment – especially for labor & delivery
  • Family & Relationships – honoring all aspects of changes
  • Patience – the prenatal year, wondering, waiting
  • Fear – bodily changes, emotions, responsibilities, labor & delivery

*Consult your doctor as to whether or not you are able to participate in this class, and get his/her written permission prior to practicing yoga in the Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga class, and bring it to the Namaste Yoga Studio.