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Pilates (Puh-LAHT-eez) is an exercise program, developed in Germany in the late 1800’s by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Pilates borrows from yoga, dance and gymnastics, and also some original movements that distinguish this form of exercise from other techniques. Pilates consists of a repertoire of over 500 exercises to be done on mats or one of many piece of equipment Joseph Pilates invented. Bottom Line: Give it up to 3 months for transformation.

This class will focus on the following eight (8) Pilates principles: 1) Control; 2, Breath; 3) Flowing Movement; 4) Precision; 5) Centering; 6) Stability; 7) Range of Motion; and 8) Opposition.

Pilates helps you activate the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and pelvis; tone and sculpt the waist, thighs and rear; and find new flexibility and grace as you create the body you’ve always wanted. It coordinates both the mind and the body to support each other for overall fitness. The basic principles of Pilates like neutral spine, shoulder stability, and using your abdominals to support your spine and upper body, will help you to strengthen your body while easing the aches and pains caused by under or overuse of muscles.

Pilates Benefits

The two primary benefits of Pilates are: 1) Core stabilization and strength. The body’s torso (referred in Pilates as the core, the center, the powerhouse) is stabilized and strengthened by strengthening deep abdominal muscles and the spine; and 2) Increase flexibility in the spine. In addition to need a strong spine to hold you upright, you also need it to be to allow for greater range of motion this results in:

  • A firmer butt - more toned and smaller
  • Longer, leaner musculature - accentuates length of limbs, changes bulky muscle into longer/leaner ones)
  • Better posture stand taller - more elegant, lengthen back of neck, navel to spine, shoulders back/down
  • A flatter tummy - scooping abdominal, standing, walking, etc.)
  • Less back pain - helps muscle imbalance (weak abdominal & butt muscles)
  • More flexibility - stretch muscles/joints, while strengthening body)
  • Better sex - increased back & hip flexibility, more positions; control of pelvic muscles

Who Can Take This Class?

The average person can benefit from this Pilates class, as it has no limit on age or sex. The exercises can be modified to meet the individual limitations, e.g, the number of repetitions will vary on your body’s readiness. At all times you are prompted to ‘listen to your body” to determine what you can perform comfortably.

*Consult your doctor before starting Pilates, especially if you suffer from heart conditions, hypertension, or other serious illnesses. If you have back pain or other serious injuries, get a diagnosis from your doctor and get their okay before starting this program.