Namaste Yoga Studio
Patricia A. Dunning, Ph.D., E-RYT 500
Integrative Yoga Therapy Certified
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
(301) 503-0618


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I’ve never done yoga before. What do I need to know before coming to class?

Learn more about the kinds of yoga taught at Yoga Namaste Studio. It is recommended that you refrain from eating anything more than a small snack 1.5 – 2 hours before coming to class. Most students appreciate having their own water in class, and you are always encouraged to drink lots of water after class, but the less water in the stomach while doing the asanas the better.

Do I need to sign up in advance, or can I just drop in? How much does each class cost?

You have an option to pay by the class ( a “drop-in” fee $13) each assuming the class is confirmed as scheduled, so call first before “dropping in.” If you wish to register for all of the sessions, the fee is required on the first day of class. See Class Schedule for fees.

I have some health challenges. Will I be able to do this kind of yoga?

Modifications are available for nearly every posture. The only way to determine how comfortable you will be doing this yoga is just do it. Please be sure to arrive a few minutes before class so that you can tell the instructor your concerns and let her know that you would appreciate being shown the modifications that are specific to your health challenge.

What should I wear to class? Do I need to bring a mat?

Wear comfy, modest exercise clothes. Natural fabrics are the best, e.g., cotton, so they can breath with you. Please bring a yoga mat, as it defines the boundaries of your personal space, and the rubber consistency is helpful for balancing asanas (postures). The Namaste Yoga Studio has some blankets, eye coverings, blocks, and straps; however, if you prefer to bring your own props, please feel free to do so.